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Juniper Lane Estate Sales offers free, professional consulting for clients looking to liquidate, relocate or manage his/her estate  or the estate of a loved one or friend.  While our ultimate goal is to conduct elegant and profitable estate sales in the Clear Lake and Galveston area, we take the approach of consultant in order to truthfully advise the client of his/her most viable and feasible estate liquidation options according to the stated goals.  We take pride in truly educating our clients on the estate sale process and providing a transparent and seamless estate sale.  Give us a call and we will be more than happy to advise you on the estate sale process and the questions you should be asking each estate sale company.  We look forward to hearing from you and the best in your estate sale process.

Estate Sale and Estate Liquidations in the Clear Lake, Galveston,  Alvin, Friendswood and Pearland Areas.  Thank you for looking!


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11 Questions I Wish I Had Asked My Estate Sale Company

by Jenifer Lynn, MS

In February of 2005 I was tasked with managing the clear-out and sale of my great-grandparent’s house in Galveston, Texas. Having spent summers with them on the island, I was familiar with the 60+years of collecting my “Mom” and “Pop” had cleverly stacked, stuffed, tucked, or shoved into every inch of their home.  Online research on the resale value of several of the items supported a plan of listing the items for sale on and donating the unsold items to charity. A treasure-hunter at heart, I allotted four weeks for the project and excitedly began organizing the items in the home.

Three months later I stood in the middle of my great-grandparent’s living room, absolutely defeated and finally admitting I was in over my head.  The project had become unmanageable due to the volume of items in the home, my lack of experience in how to group items for sale, problems with listing on-line such as calculating shipping and dealing with returns, and because my emotional attachment to the items was slowing me down.  The project was over the time budget, financial goals were not being met and I was desperate because we now had a contract for sale on the home with a deadline for closing in five weeks.   (Read what 11 questions to ask…)


Do it Yourself Estate Sales?  Spending Dollars to Save Pennies

Deciding to liquidate your assets or those of a family member always feels like you're shoving money down the drain. Many people decide to hold estate sales themselves in order to save the money they have to pay someone to sell their stuff. Unfortunately, many find that holding an estate sale themselves ends up costing them a lot more than simply hiring an estate sale liquidator that specializes in the marketing of successful estate sales.

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